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Egwood Densified Laminated wood, EGLAM for short-is manufactured from smooth rotary cut veneers of select timber that is free from defects like rots, knot, resin pockets, splits etc., from the in-house peeling units under careful supervision.

Further, extra care is taken to choose veneer that can absorb the specially formulated resins to desired levels. These then dried in modern steam heated driers to reduce moisture content to desired levels. The veneer then gets treated with high quality specialty resins before being re-dried, assembled in the ‘pack form’ and configured according to the requirements of the end product.

Completely automated, highly sophisticated hydraulic pressure, operation under precise, predetermined pressure and temperature, calibrated and controlled using SCADA-based system are used to ensure dimensional stability its adherence to customer specification are then tested for in the company’s states -of-the-art laboratories.

The end- product thus satisfied the most stringent of quality norms. EGLAM is tested for all characteristic at nationally recognized independent testing laboratories and certified as transform insulation.
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