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EGLAM is a specially engineered product, designed for transformed insulation application such as coil-clamping rings, pressure/potential rings, coil supports, spacers, and lead supports etc., that require high mechanical strength along with transformer oil absorption. EGLAM protect coil from damage due to axial forces generated by short circuit condition and thus protecting the transformer as well.

Excellent electrical insulation in oil.
High compressive, tensile strength.
Mechanical properties are equivalent to metal like brass, aluminium.
Can withstand high temperature- up to 1500C.
Dimensionally stable and wrap-free.
Good machining characteristic with simple wood working tools.
Available machined components matched to exact specification/ drawings.
EGLAM-is manufactured in two types as follows:
Type I
When grain directions of all veneers run parallel.
Type II
Where grain directions of alternate veneers are at right angle to each other.
EGLAM is also manufactured in three different grades:

Low Density From 0.90 to 1.10 g/cm3 and designated as EGW-LD*.
Medium Density From 1.11 to 11.15 g/cm3 and designated as EGW-LD*.
High Density From 1.16 to 1.25 g/cm3 and designated as EGW-LD*.


EGW-LDI, EGW-MDI and EGW-HDI refer to type I EGWOOD Densified laminated wood with grain direction of all veneer running parallel to each other.
EGW-LDII, EGW-MDII and EGW-HDII refer to type I EGWOOD Densified laminated wood with grain direction of alternate veneer are at right angel to each other.
EGLAM Board thickness: Standard thickness range 10 to 200 mm.
EGLAM Board sizes:
3050 X 1525 mm 3050 X 1220 mm 2440 X 1525 mm
2440 X 1220 mm 3050 X 915 mm Special sizes on demand will be considered.

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